T.P., Washington, DC
Erin is a gifted portrait artist. When I look at the painting of my daughter and me days after birth, I remember how her head felt nuzzled into my chest while she slept.
S.R., Washington, DC
Your drawing of my daughter and me totally blows me away, thank you! She has been proudly showing it around the household. I finally got a chance to really see it. Her arms and her lips and face... I can almost feel that newborn softness when I look at it!
S.F., Annapolis, MD
I absolutely love it — I don’t know art terms but I feel like the charcoal communicates the intensity of all the emotions that day.
A.K., Seattle, WA
Oh my goodness Erin. You are amazing. What an incredible baby gift! One of the most special things in our home. Thank you so much!
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